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Who Are We?

We don't just create tech, we create businesses.

We are a multinational business launchpad that helps startups, SME's and Enterprise companies build their ideas & bring them to reality. We help companies right from their ideation, Market Validation, Business Strategy to Software Development and Deployment.

Services we provide

We help build custom ICO's, DApps, Create wallets & launch successful asset management platforms

Artificial Intelligence

We build full-scale industry solutions & POC'S for image, language & structured data types.

Blockchain development

We at SBM can help build custom ICO's, DApps, Create wallets & launch successful asset management platforms

Mobile App development

We build custom mobile apps for on-demand services, social media, entertainment and for any other idea that you might have...

Web development

We build scalable & performance optimized cloud-based web apps like Smart E-Commerce, Engaging Microsites, Efficient Web Portals.


It's always a great sense of pride to showcase our work.
They are the standing testimonial for our commitment to project delivery.



Isolve is a multi-tenanted cloud-based software platform that helps streamline day-to-day workings of a dental and medical practice. The platform uses an AI based IVR system along with an AI Assistant, that helps doctors in the clinical room to stay focused on the things that matter.

Isolve also features a whole host of self-service interfaces like check-in kiosks, web portals, etc., that help manage the day-to-day activities of the medical practice more efficiently.



indieOn is a music streaming service built on a decentralized blockchain platform which helps the artist to monetize and distribute their content.

indieOn launched an ICO & a utility token (NDI) which allows acquirers to store value, exchange tokens for cash or use for purchases on the indieOn platform.

This project includes web app, ios & android app, backend CMS, ICO, blockchain development- smart contracts, IPFS, subscription and pay-per-play services.


The Plug

The Plug is an e-commerce & social shopping app that allows users to talk to people who can give them the best deals on products based on their network or ability.

The app includes advanced geo-location features, invoicing, complaint center, chat functions, etc.

How We Work?

Fill in our easy online application:

Fill in your details along with a few pointers on what your project is about. Once we receive your application we will review it and get back to you with a time to schedule a discovery call within 12-48 hours.

Discovery Call:

Discovery calls allow us to get to know you and understand your needs and ideas. This is where the magic happens! Not only do we understand your idea but we also add on features to it and that can help you direct and structure your business better.


Once we have enough details about your project, we will send you a detailed proposal outlining what will be done how, and by whom along with timelines and pricing details.


We will walk you through the proposal and answer any questions that you might have. Once you are ready to take the next step, we will send you a service contract that you can easily sign off, digitally and keep a copy of your records.

Development! Yay!

Once we are done with all formalities, we are now ready to move into development. We generally dedicate 2-4 weeks (Depending on the size and nature of the project) on UI/UX design work and build a wire frame explaining in detail the flow . Once that is accomplished, we go ahead with writing the code and bringing your ideas to life!

What's New?

"If you want to make a billion dollars, solve a ten billion dollar problem"
-Naveen Jain

We are constantly ideating and building new tech to solve problems that impact our society.
Artificial intelligence is one of the most sought after technology these days. We at Strawbery Box Media are constantly researching and developing innovative products using AI, Robotics and Holograms for industries such as health care, hospitality, banking, automation, etc .,